Developing our potential here and now

Open awareness


Sound is vibration, it is a type of energy, and as such it influences our cells, which vibrate in contact with its stimulus.

No one is oblivious to the influence of music in our emotional states

¿Qué es Resonancias del Interior? Este canal de comunicación nace de mi vocación de “abrir consciencias” y poner mi conocimiento y experiencia en acción para ayudar a desarrollar nuestro potencial  aquí y ahora. Anclados en la confianza en nosotros mismos vamos desplegando nuestros dones y talentos. La plenitud es expresarlos en el mundo… y compartirlos. Anabel.



My development as professional musician, as a violinist, has led me to search many different ways to overcome the difficulties I had, on a personal level,  that did not allow me to feel fulfilled and capable with my instrument or my performance. This is the reason that I usually say that “Violin has been my teacher”. Thanks to this I have been able to identify and tune my “other instrument” which is so necessary for performing: MYSELF.
In this learning process I have developed tools that enable me to help those who require me to  share from my personal experience.
In fact, now the puzzle is complete, it makes sense that I had so many experiences against which I ‘fought’ in the past.
Until now my knowledge, techniques and energy therapies helped me to go through difficult processes as a performer…
but because life is constantly changing and as such, evolution doesn’t stop, I have reached another point on the road.
Resonance From Within comes as an answer to my creative need to share and open consciousness with others. This generates in me immense happiness which I interpret as a true call from within.
(site is in Spanish and English)



To balance our energy in our different levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)of the wholeness we are I use different systems, depending if the activity is forwarded to one single person or to a group, and to the aim to reach.
The courses are designed as selected activities to develop a positive group energy good for collective and individual help.
The individual sessions are centered in the emotional and energetic unlock, so that we can solve problems that do not allow us to function in a stable and fluid manner.

  • PHYSICAL EXERCISE: stretching, yoga.
  • MUSIC-therapy and conscious listening.
  • CREATIVE ACTIVITIES (Interpretation: musical, theater, dance, poetry …).
  • FORUM OF REFLECTION (documentals, talks, films)